About the Company


Finding it hard to clean and maintain your pool? Don’t worry; we are a team of pool-cleaning experts who can clean, maintain, and repair your pool within no time!

We understand how significant a clean and well-maintained pool is when you’re looking to enjoy those hot summer days. This is why we are committed to offering professional, high-quality pool cleaning services to residential and commercial pool owners alike – those who are struggling to keep their pools in top-notch condition themselves.

A Few Words from the Owner

Hello! I am Travis Morrison, the owner of Travis’ Clean Pool Service, born and raised in Richmond Hill. I have a passion for helping people, a love for pools, and a wish to serve this great community and surrounding areas. I look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations.

Our Vision

We want to become a leading name in the pool cleaning industry by staying ahead of the curve with the latest pool-cleaning technology, techniques, and practices.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver exceptional pool cleaning services to all our clients, going above and beyond their expectations at every visit to build a long-term, trust-based connection with them.

Our Core Values

Here are the core values that guide our everyday work and decisions, helping us create a positive impact on our clients and community.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. We ensure your pool looks exactly how you want at the end of every visit!

A High Degree of Professionalism

To exceed your expectations, we maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability in all aspects of our business.

Continuous Innovation

Our team believes in the power of continuous improvement! We keep improving and innovating our pool cleaning tools and processes to increase the standards of our pool cleaning services.

How We Work

Providing The Best Pool Cleaning Services In And Around Richmond Hills, Georgia

Here is what you can expect from our pool cleaning services – a breakdown of how we keep your pool clean and maintained. During each visit, our pool cleaning experts keep you informed at every step of the process so that you can rest assured of your pool’s safety and cleanliness.

Initial Consultation & A Pool Cleaning Plan: The process starts with an initial consultation where we discuss and assess your pool cleaning needs and preferences. Based on the consultation, we outline the specific pool cleaning and maintenance services and the frequency of visits required.

Pool Cleaning and maintenance: On the scheduled visits, we perform the decided services, including skimming, brushing, vacuuming, and chemical balancing, to keep the pool clean and well-maintained. Our team also inspects the pool for any signs of damage, leaks, or malfunctions and offers recommendations for repair or replacement if necessary.

Follow-up Communication: We remain connected with you after every visit to address any concerns and questions, ensure that your pool is in optimal condition, and follow up to schedule the next required visit.

We Are Quick, Careful & Reliable

Need your pool to be serviced thoroughly on a regular basis? We promise to show up on schedule and finish the process as promised, helping you avoid extensive pool maintenance costs and health risks.

We cover every nook and corner of your pool within a reasonable time. Rest assured that our speed doesn’t come at the expense of quality work. We don’t rush through important pool cleaning tasks, keeping a good balance between quality service and quick completion of the pool cleaning process. In short, you will not be disappointed with your decision to hire our team for the job.


Signs You Need Our Professional Pool Cleaning Services


The water, walls, floors, and surroundings of your swimming pool will display numerous signs that a thorough cleanup is due.

Discolored Water

Dirt, debris, algae growth, and chemical imbalance may turn your dark green and murky. This is a clear sign that extensive cleaning is necessary.

Excessive Irritation to Eyes & Skin

Remember that minor irritation is likely when you swim, but excessive redness in the eyes and rashes on the skin indicates that your pool water is unclean and not properly balanced.

Excessive Bubbles & Foam on the Surface

Dirt, debris, algae growth, and chemical imbalance may turn your dark green and murky. This is a clear sign that extensive cleaning is necessary.


Scaling refers to the accumulation of inorganic substances on hard surfaces such as pool tile, fiberglass, or stone, usually caused by elevated levels of calcium, pH, and alkalinity in your pool.

Strong Chlorine Smell

A strong chlorine odor in or around the pool can indicate that the pool's chemical levels are imbalanced.

Poor Water Circulation

One of the fundamental functions of the pool pump and filter is to circulate the water in the pool. If they malfunction, the water will not circulate properly, leading to algae growth and an unclean pool.