Pool Cleaning Service

We offer weekly and bi-weekly full-service cleaning, which mainly includes the following:

Pool Repair

Our swimming pool repair services depend on a few key factors, including the size of your pool, the severity of the damage, and the type of repair required. We can typically handle the following pool repair issues to keep your pool optimally functional.


Water Balancing

Pool water balancing is the process of adjusting the level of various chemicals in a swimming pool to keep the water safe, comfortable, and clean for swimmers. The key chemical parameters that must be balanced in pool water include total, and combined chlorine, cyanuric acid, TDS, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and/or other sanitizers.

Although chemical ranges are important, and there is an acceptable range for all chemicals, we also strongly focus on the water’s LSI – Langelier Saturation Index. LSI tells us how saturated the water is with calcium carbonate. This is very important but often overlooked by other companies.

Alternative Pool Sanitization Solutions

Enjoy a Chlorine-Free Swimming Experience in Crystal Clear Water!

Pools are typically sanitized by adding chlorine and other chemicals or using salt systems that generate chlorine themselves. But chlorine-filled water can cause stinging to your skin and eyes. If you want to avoid that harsh chlorine feel when you get out of the pool, we offer pool sanitization solutions that are healthier and more cost-effective.

We can set up an ionization and oxidation system to sanitize your pool and complement it with a CO2 injection system to control the pH. This means you will never have to swim in water filled with chlorine and muriatic acid to remain safe from germs and bacteria.


Other Services

Besides the services mentioned above, we also offer the following pool-related services.

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